Thriller, 90 min, France/Germany 1997

Friday, June 12, 22:30 hrs, 

Clément (Jean Rochefort) is old and lonely and trapped in his own hallucinatory fantasy  ..
En frusen dröm 
Documentary Feature, 60 min, Sweden 1997

Sunday, June 14, 18:00 hrs, 

In 1897 three Sweds began a risky adventure when they took off on a North Pole expedition in a hot air  ..
Ricardo, Miriam y Fidel 
Documentary Feature, 90 min, Switzerland 1997

Sunday, June 14, 19:00 hrs, 

In 1953 when Fidel Castro gave his brilliant speech opposing the dictator Batista, radio  ..
Das merkwürdige Verhalten geschlechtsreifer Großstädter zur Paarungszeit 
Comedy, 86 min, Germany 1998

Sunday, June 14, 21:30 hrs, 

Sexy undies keep changing ownership, kids make-out in departmentstore toilets, a  ..
The Headhunter's Sister 
Drama, 96 min, USA 1997

Monday, June 15, 19:00 hrs, 

Linda visits her brother Ray in New York; she needs some fun and a change of scene when divorce proceedings  ..
Chinese Box 
Drama/Love Story, 106 min, Hong Kong 1997

Tuesday, June 16, 20:00 hrs, 

Hong Kong 1997. The journalist John (Jeremy Irons) and the nightclub owner Vivian (Gong Li) are hopelessly in  ..
Drama, 119 min, The Netherlands 1997

Tuesday, June 16, 22:00 hrs, 

Rotterdam in the 1930's: Local Magistrate Dreverhaven, sadistic, unscrupulous abuser of power, has been  ..
I want you 
Drama, 97 min, Great Britain 1998

Wednesday, June 17, 20:00 hrs, 

In his new feature film, television director Michael Winterbottem examines the dream of true love, and the  ..
Junk Food 
Drama, 84 min, Japan 1997

Wednesday, June 17, 22:00 hrs, 

They don't know what to do with their lives: Miyuki, the office worker who'll do anything  ..